From start ...

The preparatory phase

On October 3rd, 2016 the contractor received the commencement order to start with the work. This initiated the preparatory work phase. The primary focus during this phase is to draw the exact route, investigate soil compositions and localize existing underground cable and pipeline infrastructure. Simultaneously, numerous individual plans are developed and streamlined: the layout of work terrains, the dewatering plan and the calamity plan. The aspects Health, Safety and Environment are highly important in this phase.

Construction phase

The actual construction work commenced in February 2017. The steam pipeline and condensate pipeline are installed in both underground and aboveground sections. Work will be carried out at multiple sites at the same time. Once work on a specific segment is completed, the restoration work will commence immediately, which includes returning the road to its original condition, replanting the vegetation and cleaning the work terrain.

... to finish


Once all construction work were completed, preparations started to commission the pipeline and make it operational. All individual elements were extensively tested and numerous measurements ensured that all pipeline segments were connected safely and properly. All electric facilities were also thoroughly inspected. As soon as the first company started using the heat delivered by the steam network, the condensate pipeline was also commissioned.

In march 2019 the steam network was fully operational.