January- 2018 Insulation works on steam and condensation pipes have been started

At the beginning of 2018, the contractor continued the welding work along the Geslecht from the site of Ineos Phenol in the direction of Ashland. The second part of the pipe bridge over the public road was installed on January 19, after having been postponed twice because of adverse weather conditions.  The network contains a total of 15 pipe bridges. The longest conduit bridge is located at the Geslecht and crosses several railways, the public road and the adjacent pipeline. It is made up of three parts, is 50 meters long and 12 meters high. The height of the bridge over the road is approximately 6 meters.


The transport network has a total length of approximately 5 kilometers, of which 20% is underground. The longest underground passages are situated on the site of Ineos (about 600 meters) and DP World (about 200 meters). The underground works on the sites of DP World and Ineos are expected to be completed in February.


In the piping zone behind Fort Liefkenshoek and along the Ketenislaan, most of the welding work has been completed. Insulation works on steam and condensation pipes have been started in the zone behind Fort Liefkenshoek and will continue systematically in the direction of Lanxess. The mechanical works are expected to be completed around April/May.

November - 2017 Installing the pipe rack over the railway tracks along the Geslecht

The construction of the Ecluse network is progressing steadily. A lot of work has been done on the DP World site, where the Ecluse route will be located underground. From Fort Liefkenshoek along the Ketenislaan towards the Lanxess site, the erection of the expansion loops and the interconnection of the prefabricated piping is in full swing. Early 2018, the contractor will continue the welding work along the Geslecht, starting from the site of Ineos Phenol and progressing in the direction of Ashland. This also includes the erection of the expansion loops and the interconnection of prefabricated piping. On Saturday the 18th of November, a pipe rack was installed over the railway tracks along the Geslecht. The tracks were temporarily put out of service in order to place the structure under the high-voltage overhead power lines, using a 700 tonnes crane.

September - 2017 Placement of concrete drain wells and pipe racks

The contractor is continuing the construction of the Ecluse network. A lot of work has been done at the INEOS Phenol site, where the piping will be placed underground. Over the past few months, the contractor has laid more than 50% of the transport network on-site.
Concrete drain wells have been placed at the site of DP World and a few public areas. These drain wells serve as a juncture between underground and above-ground sections of the pipeline.
At the sites of Indaver, Lanxess, Momument Chemical and in public areas, preparations have been made for the installation of pipe racks.
The welding work is now in full progress both behind Fort Liefkenshoek and towards the Lanxess site. In the next few weeks, the elevation of the expansion loops will begin, along with the connection of the different network components.

July 2017 - Welding behind Fort Liefkenshoek


The last couple of months the contractor has been busy with preparatory work alongside the 'Ketenislaan', the 'Geslecht' and behind the Fort Liefkenshoek. After levelling, pile driving and placing the sleepers, the welders started the first welding jobs for the construction of this part of the Ecluse route. The piling of the poles on the route has been completed,  screw piles still need to be screwed into the ground on some places on the Ecluse route. The screw piles will for instance be used to support the new  pipe bridge, which will be placed across the railway alongside the Geslecht.



May 2017 - The piling of the poles

On May the 2nd, the contractor started the piling of the poles at the rear of the sites of INEOS Phenol, ADPO and Monument Chemical. The work will then move along the Ketenislaan for the rest of this route. The placing of the poles on this part of the route will take about 5 weeks. The steel tube poles are placed at a depth of 14 to 20 meters. These poles will serve as the foundation for the installation loops and expansion loops. The 'Waaslandhaven' port area used to consist of fertile polders, so a solid foundation is essential for stability. Extension loops are provided to accommodate fluctuations in temperature in the steel pipelines. At the same time, preliminary groundwork will be carried out for the placement of the concrete sleepers that will support the pipelines. Approximately 240 poles, 660 sleepers and 15 pipe bridges will be put in place for the entire project.

March 2017 - Placement of temporary buildings

In March, in preparation for the delivery of the steam network components, two temporary buildings were constructed on the sites near Monument Chemical.


One plot is intended for storage of the materials, the other to prepare all the pipelines. The pieces will be merged, welded and finished once they have been delivered to Doel.